Advanced technology and high flexibility are the essential features of our incremental and absolute encoders. Monolithic integrated OPOASICS replace up to 200 SMD components in a highly reliable way. The modular design enables users to select their desired version from more than 2 million encoder variants.

Automation components: from mini-counters to sophisticated programmable control counters, totalizing, preset, time, shift and interface counters, position indicators, multifunction counters, timers, controls, tachometers, displays.


When it comes to selecting the appropriate type of relay, it’s competence and flexibility that count. HENGSTLER relays offer a unique combination of competence, experience and flexibility.

The names of HENGSTLER and KACO have been a hallmark of leading-edge know-how in relay technology for decades. Their common product portfolio has been offered since 1966 and includes a variety of relays for switching currents from 1 to 100 A , suitable for a wide range of applications.


Hengstler offers powerful motor feedback encoders for demanding feedback applications and for use on brushless servomotors and stepper motors. With Acuro drive, dynamic servo drives have become fully digital for the first time. Even harsh operating conditions, such as those prevailing in a motor housing, are mastered in a reliable way and supplemented by a multiturn concept that exhibits interference immunity by optical speed scanning.


Honeywell Temperature Controller
Honeywell Circular Chart Recorder
Honeywell Paperless Recorder
Honeywell Strip Chart Recorder


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